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Financial Incentives for Your Business to Use Solar Power

June 29th, 2011

Financial Incentives for Your Business to Use Solar Power ImageWhen it comes to running a business, much of the necessary focus is on the bottom line. Many businesses, however, fail to realize they can seriously cut energy costs by going solaWhen it comes to running a business, much of the necessary focus is on the bottom line. Many businesses, however, fail to realize they can seriously cut energy costs by going solar.

Tax Incentives

Federal and State governments know the best way to initiate change is to provide an economic benefit. When it comes to energy, governments try to make the use of solar energy as economically attractive as possible to businesses. This is done through granting tax incentives in the form of tax credits and deductions. Depending upon which government agency is involved, federal or a particular state, corporations can get tax credits and deductions ranging from 10 to as high as 35 percent of the cost of purchasing and installing solar energy systems.

Net Metering

On top of the tax incentives given to businesses for going solar, a majority of states now offer incredible cost savings through net metering. Net metering refers to state laws that require utilities to purchase power generated from solar systems used by businesses at the same price the utilities would otherwise charge the business. If the business is producing energy in excess of what it is using, the energy is sent into the utility grid and the building power meter actually runs backwards. Since many businesses are closed two days a week, this effectively means the utility is buying the power on said days. Net metering is an incredibly effective means of slashing utility costs.

Solar Loans

Businesses can gain further benefits through going solar by taking advantage of government solar financing programs. These loan programs offer incredible terms in an effort to promote the use of renewable energy and make sense for both new construction and renovations. Typically created as state programs, these “solar loans” offer financing for the purchase and installation of the equipment. The loans typically have seven to 10 year terms, and are offered as no interest or extremely low interest financing. Combined with the economic benefits of net metering, such loans make the decision to go solar a slam dunk.

Each state tends to handle the promotion of alternative energy in different ways and with different benefits. When combined with federal programs, businesses can reap a financial benefit from using solar energy sources.

Color Your Commerce

June 25th, 2011

Color Your Commerce ImageColors can be your trademark. They can be your representation. In fact, they can mean a big deal to your commerce.

Let us discover colors. The colors orange, yellow and red are associated with heat, fire, sun and passion. Blue, violet, green denotes coolness, peacefulness and calmness. Come to think of it, there are things, traits and qualities are best represented by colors.  Blue is for oceans and skies. Yellow is for the sun and stars. Red is for the heart. Green is for the leaves and trees. Perhaps, it will be awkward to use these images with a different ink color.

Color is powerful. It affects our moods and decision. Agree? According to studies conducted, we tend to gamble more when we are under a red light. In addition, we feel colors. In fact, our dress codes vary in consonance with colors. Summer and in times when the sun is up and bright, we tend to dress brightly as well. When it is gloomy, we also wear gloomy colors because of the depressing weather.

If you color your commerce the right way, chances are you will get high on retention and patronage thus, also high on sales.

Before, printers are using only one color. That was the time when people are not particular with color. Nonetheless, when they realize its importance and its impact on commerce, they can get enough of it. They started putting pictures, images and logos in their printing designs to attract more attention. That way, they can easy convey message.

As printing jobs are slowly turned into canvasses and masterpieces, the use of various printing process continued to progress. Among these printing processes comes color wholesale printing. This is an affordable solution to your bulky printing needs.

You get, what you pay is a misnomer in this side of issue. In addition, you can get quality prints without paying high. Affordable services do not mean low quality. They may just be the services you are looking for.

Nowadays, small entrepreneurs can avail of a good-quality printing job. They are now assured that expenses will not be part of their liability but of a worthy investment. All they have to do is click that mouse and start searching for a reliable printer to do their color wholesale printing job.